Ted Ludwiczak


Ted Ludwiczak began carving stone in the late 1980s after retiring from grinding contact lenses. The self taught artist came to carving stone heads while building a stone retaining wall near his house. Seeing a face in a rock he took a hammer and an old lawn mower blade and defined the form. Pleased with the results he felt, one head would look lonely, so he carved other stones heads in the wall. He hasn’t stopped carving since, as he sees a spirit or character in every stone he brings to his yard. Hundreds of stone heads now make up the environment he refers his Easter Island set on a hillside. From fist sized granite to monumental stones weighing hundreds of pounds, the heads vary in form and mineral coloring. The sculptures combine natural rock surfaces with textures and forms defined by his vision and chisels. Early red sandstone pieces have begun to weather and take on lichens to impart a look of timelessness; relics from a lost civilization.

Ted Ludwiczak was born in Poland in 1927. As a young man he found himself an accidental stowaway on a freighter bound for India. His travels took him to Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Germany before immigrating to American in 1956. Since discovering his artistic talents late in life, Ted Ludwiczak has achieved recognition with his sculpture heads being included in collections of the American Folk Art Museum, American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, and Chicago’s INTUIT: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art. Numerous newspaper and magazines articles have written about his stone heads environment as well as TV features. American Primitive Gallery has exclusively represented his stone heads in NYC and at art Fairs since the discovery of his art.

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